Monday, August 15, 2011

Outing with the boyfie

QQ wanted to play with the boyfie

Me trying out this expensive chiffon top

Love the color of this dress~~

Cute lil QQ

Stand and pose

But annoying at times.

Today, both of me and the boyfie don't need to work. So we din set alarm and jst woke up naturally. I woke up around 11.30am and nagged the boyfie to buy me dim sum cause suddenly i feel like wanna eat. =) Of course he did and so sweet of him. Then later in the evening he said he wanna buy jeans so we went to the mines and planned to have our dinner there too. Guess what, we went at the wrong timing. This is no joke. A&W, KFC, food court, MCd all seats are occupied! But thanks god right after we reached mcd one table of chinese left then we quickly sat down first. All the muslims ord ordered their food and waited there to buka puasa. LOL. Then passed by Kitschen so went in and have a look. Took few clothes to try and end up onli bought one black mini skirt. It's RM30 after 50% discount (original price is RM59.9). And the boyfie said he buy it for me. Happie me saved Rm30 =) haha. Tried on few other piece too but too pricey for me. It's around RM79.9 or RM69.9 discount 10%. Not worth it at all so i just took picture as memory. Haha stingy me. Then accompany him to buy a jeans before we left the mall. 

After that, we visited grandma for an hour+ since long time never go and visit her ord. But i've to be very alert cause i'm afraid of the hyperactive QQ =( she's really cutee but js hyperactive and keep on licking the boyfie. hehe. Jst finished my diary as i need to pass up 2moro. Anyway, am going to watch pps nw then off to sleep =) Good night and god bless peeps <3<3<3

Sunday, August 14, 2011


camwhore while on the way to PWTC working for Printer fair
Hate ma eye bags
On the way to work at The Geographer
Printer Fair at PWTC
On the way to work at Putrajaya for Charity Night Run
My pretty friend, Urna at Kota Permai Golf Club

Finished my sampling job at putrajaya
Me and pretty korean-lookalike Urna. haha
Hot day. Ignore my puffy eyes.

These are the jobs that i worked for after came back from Sabah. Fyi, i spent my whole sem break in hometown, which means 0 income for me and yet my bank left RM39. How pathetic. But lucky thing is that i managed to find few quite good pay jobs . Thanks god or else i'll dieeee and cant survive i guess. I dont ask money from my parents nor boyfriend. I want to be an independent girl because if u opt to ask money from your boyfie then you'll have to step by them all the time. I worked to buy anything i wanted and save so that i can bring my family around and pay for their expenses when they come here for christmas. 

It was my first time working as beer serving in a restaurant/bistro. First day was really bad day for me because i met hamsap uncle who put his hand on my shoulder or waist. Luckily the other girl saw it and save me =) However, after few days working with  my babe Victoria, i've learnt how to protect myself when i met such situation and how to handle it. She is 2 yrs younger than me but she seems like my elder sis more. She is really caring and lovely girl. Happie to have worked with her and wish that i can work with her in future. However, i've also met many nice and gentleman person while working at The Geographer. Many of them are from banking line and they even gave me their name cards. Some are from Public bank, OCBC, Alliance, Maybank, and so on. It's a great opportunity for me because once i graduate i can actually contact them =) 

FYI, beer serving is not a hanky panky job. I just need to take order and serve them drinks. I dont need to socialize/ drink even a sip with them as i'm not working as PR. So hold back your dirty mind and dont look down on me for working as such job as i'm not robbing or fraud. I earned every penny by my own without have to sacrifice my body =) Respect yourself before you want ppl to respect you =) I will continue to work but will manage my time as i dont want to lose track on my studies. Good day and enjoy your sunday peeps =) God bless.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spent my whole sem break with dearest Family

Went back to my hometown, KK Sabah from 28th June 2011 till 19th July 2011. In fact, i've bought ticket to come back KL on 7th July, then due to the reason of i wanna see Jay and Nicholas, i bought another ticket which is on 4th July, but i didnt come back because i really had fun and love spending quality time with family especially my little baby brother Terence. He is so damn cuteee and adorable. I told mum i wanna bring him back to KL. Hehe. Basically just stayed home or else outing with family. I didnt find even a single friend because i was really broke and sad seeing the little amount left in my bank account. Therefore, i js stay home and eat everyday. I gained like 3 kgs after i came back from hometown. Food is really unbeatable and super yummy! Dad bought me yoyo almost once every 2/3 days. FYI, pearl milk tea is addictive but super fattening =( Sigh. Some of the pictures taken in hometown.

The Sleepy boy at the beach

Angry Bird
He's really sleepy =)
That's daddy with Terence boi

My tuna cheese toast from Yoyo Cafe

Me and mummy <3

Fingers forever in mouth!

Smiling Baby moo
Happie boi after shopping ^^

Lil terence and his pressie

The naked baby boi with big boobsss

Red little hoodie bought by sister

Funnie sleeping pose of him
Baby terence saw leng luiii
Ice cream bread made by sis

We have the same smile~

Me @ mummy's birthday

Teeth check =)

Little boi before sleep~

Hate you eye bags!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Out with the Boyfie

It was Monday afternoon and the boyfie bought me Dim Sum(my all time favourite) as brunch. I was laying on bed but when i heard tat he bought me dim sum, initially i woke up immediately from bed and brush ma teeth. What a pig i am. Only food can wake me up lolz... Anyway 2 months ago i bought a voucher from online to this restaurant "FRAMES CAFE" located at Sunway pyramid right beside starbucks at the main entrance there. As usual, keep on dragging until the last day of the voucher availability, then we decided to go or else it will be wasted. Our plan was tat go for a movie (Thor) then after movie go frames for dinner. Went to Summit to catch the 4.30pm Thor but it was sold out. Then we left to Sunway Pyramid. Give up once i saw the super duper long queue. I guess it was due to the public holiday where most ppl were having holiday and came out for movie. I have no patience to queue for tat long and end up cant get the ticket. I js cant take it :D Anyway let's talk about the food.
Spicy Seafood carbonara 7.5/10( Normal Price=RM19.90)
 The portion of the food is quite big and i think can feed 2 person. It is very milky that wil cause u feel full even u js eat up 1/3 of the portion. Also, it is a lil bit spicy >< i drink sip of water every bite i eat.
Puffy eyes and pale lips. Too hungry i guess.

Beef Burger (normal price is RM22.90) 7/10
 To me, i personally dun think that i will order this because the burger was so thick and u cant eat at one bite. U have two choice, either cut it into small slides and pieces, or u eat one follow by another. i mean eat the bread, then egg, then beef with cheese, then veges and lastly burger bread =) haha~ the beef is raw at the middle part. For me it's soso. Should have ordered fish one instead >< Next time i'll try their fish burger =)

Oh ya, it comes with 2 glasses of ice lemon tea too =)

The ambience is good though. They play relaxing music and the lighting is just nice.

Brucestta ? Dunno how to spell ^^ This is quite nice =)

Me and my boy

Okay enough for this. I'm hungry now >< time to start with my assignment. Due date is very berry soon and i'm still in super duper lazy mode. Oh ya, did i mention i skip my class today again? i wanted to go but my stomach is really not feeling well. been to toilet twice this morning and i think i shall go again. damnnit... hope i lose weight~~ haha.. Have a nice week ahead peeps!!