Monday, August 15, 2011

Outing with the boyfie

QQ wanted to play with the boyfie

Me trying out this expensive chiffon top

Love the color of this dress~~

Cute lil QQ

Stand and pose

But annoying at times.

Today, both of me and the boyfie don't need to work. So we din set alarm and jst woke up naturally. I woke up around 11.30am and nagged the boyfie to buy me dim sum cause suddenly i feel like wanna eat. =) Of course he did and so sweet of him. Then later in the evening he said he wanna buy jeans so we went to the mines and planned to have our dinner there too. Guess what, we went at the wrong timing. This is no joke. A&W, KFC, food court, MCd all seats are occupied! But thanks god right after we reached mcd one table of chinese left then we quickly sat down first. All the muslims ord ordered their food and waited there to buka puasa. LOL. Then passed by Kitschen so went in and have a look. Took few clothes to try and end up onli bought one black mini skirt. It's RM30 after 50% discount (original price is RM59.9). And the boyfie said he buy it for me. Happie me saved Rm30 =) haha. Tried on few other piece too but too pricey for me. It's around RM79.9 or RM69.9 discount 10%. Not worth it at all so i just took picture as memory. Haha stingy me. Then accompany him to buy a jeans before we left the mall. 

After that, we visited grandma for an hour+ since long time never go and visit her ord. But i've to be very alert cause i'm afraid of the hyperactive QQ =( she's really cutee but js hyperactive and keep on licking the boyfie. hehe. Jst finished my diary as i need to pass up 2moro. Anyway, am going to watch pps nw then off to sleep =) Good night and god bless peeps <3<3<3

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